The Sassafras Science SCIDAT Logbooks

The Sassafras Science Series SCIDAT Logbooks | Living Books Curriculum for Homeschool Science by Elemental ScienceThe Sassafras Science SCIDAT Logbooks provide a place for your students to record what they are learning as they journey with the Sassafras twins through the novel.

Well laid out and easy to use! Was easy to use and is a great addition to book. Loved all the extra suggestions on books and crafts. (review by MM)

Each logbook includes open-ended notebooking pages complete with images and spaces for your students to fill. You will find pages like:

  • Overview sheets with maps;
  • Subject-specific pages with images and space for narrations;
  • Glossary sheets with vocabulary cards;
  • And space to record additional narrations, copywork, or dictation assignments.

The SCIDAT logbook partners with the activity guide which includes a buffet of options for you to use to create a full homeschool science curriculum.

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The Sassafras Science SCIDAT Logbooks feature notebooking, which is a very effective method for recording what the students have learned.

Here is a short walk-through of what notebooking in the SCIDAT logbook looks like:

Read the full post to see exactly what a week with the Sassafras Science activity guide and logbook look like.

Learn more about how notebooking works

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Wondering if you should use the SCIDAT logbook or the lapbook?

Here is a quick video about the differences between the two:

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