Adventure, mystery, and science all rolled up into a set of exciting living books!

Take a journey to learn science with Blaine and Tracey Sassafras!
It all began with summer-long, science-filled journey...
Hi-ya – we're Blaine and Tracey Sassafras! And, we want to take you on an invisible zip-line journey around the world to learn about science.
A journey that we enjoyed a few summers ago. One that changed our thoughts about learning science forever.
We'd love to share all the cool tech that we got to use so that you could get the full effect, but we can't do that yet because the technology patent is still pending for the invisible zip lines.
Instead, we've got the next best thing lined up for you – an adventure-packed, science-filled living book!
Now, you can join our thousands of readers who love science!
Here's what some of our current travelers have to say about the series:
“My kids absolutely love these adventures! They talk about them all day long. Even my 3- and 5-year-old can remember animal facts from these books. Highly recommend!” ~ (Review from Amazon)
"My children begged for science and more science today. They are having so much fun traveling the world with Blaine and Tracey in their zoological adventures. My oldest is sneaking the book under the covers at night to get a head start on the rest of us." ~ (Review from Facebook)
Here's how you can get started on your journey.
You can read the novel alone or add in the activity guide and logbook for a complete living books science curriculum.
Get started on your science-learning adventure now by visiting our store. Or check out this article to see if our series will work for your family.

The Story behind the Sassafras Science Adventures

Still here?
Here's the longer version of the Sassafras Science story.
Here it goes – Blaine and I (Tracey) used to hate science. It was soooooo boring and all the textbook facts just seemed to fall right out of our heads. In fact, we bombed every science test we took.
So, our parents shipped us off to our Uncle Cecil to learn to see if he could make those science facts stick. We were totally bummed because he is a bit . . . eccentric - after all, he can't even get our names right!
Imagine our surprise when we found out that we wouldn't be spending the summer listening to lectures. Instead, we would be zipping around the world on invisible zip lines invented by Uncle Cecil and his prairie dog lab assistant, President Lincoln.
We ended up having the most amazing adventure-filled summer learning about science face-to-face. Now you can join our journey through the novels of the Sassafras Science series.
Take a journey to learn science with Blaine and Tracey Sassafras!
Sound like how you want to teach your kids about science?
Get started on your science-learning adventure now by visiting our store.

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"Despite the fact that we finished our science reading for the week, AND despite having a "day off" bc it was his younger brother's birthday. My 1st grader STILL asked if we could do science today! He really enjoys the Sassafras Science Adventures and though we're only on Chapter 7 of book 1 he's already asked about what other books were in the series and if we can read those too!" (Review from Facebook)

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"I bought the sassafras twins zoology lap booking guide (and novel) as a supplement to our decent science curriculum. (1st grade). We've all but eliminated our "core" science and are now just so enjoying the twins adventures instead. I have to admit that I was all choked up reading the end of the dessert chapter. There was some challenging moral stuff (in an inspiring way) as Mesneh was challenged to rise up! (Thinking of Mel Gibson in Braveheart?!) Anyway we can hardly put the book down long enough to make the lap books and the extra activities. (We do them because my daughter loves them too!!) Even my 3 yo walks around covering his eyebrows and saying in a sinister voice 'I'm the man with no eyebrows!' In short: A+ from our family!! " (Review from Facebook)