A Living Books Curriculum for Science

Living Books Curriculum for Homeschool Science | Sassafras ScienceDo you love using living books to teach history?
Do you wish you could use living books to teach science?
Great news! The Sassafras twins are zipping into homes around the world to deliver a living books education in the sciences. Read the novel alone or add in the activity guide and logbook for a complete homeschool science curriculum.
Your science learning adventure can begin today! Go ahead and head over to the store to grab your copy. Or, keep on reading to learn how the series works and if the Sassafras twins are right for your family.
The Sassafras Science Adventures Series

Are the Sassafras Twins right for you?

Hiya! This is Blaine and Tracey Sassafras and we are here today to answer the question, “Are the Sassafras Twins right for your family?” Yes, they are. Well, maybe we should include a little more than that. So here it goes… Are the Sassafras Twins Right for your family? The books of the Sassafras Science Keep Reading…

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The Latest from the Sassafras Twins

living books science feature

Living books are killer tools for teaching science! They can bring the subject matter to life and add interest to what you are learning. Like we have said before, living it is way cooler, but we know that most of y’all don’t have invisible zip lines coming out of your uncle’s basement. So, we recommend Keep Reading…