Living Books for Science Education

Are you looking for a science curriculum that will:
  • Shake up your education routine?
  • Inspire your students to love science?
Well look no further. The Sassafras twins are waiting to take your students on a journey to learn science that they will never forget!
We love the Sassafras Science Adventures! ~ Charlotte
Read the novel alone, or add in the activity guide and logbook for a complete living books science curriculum.
Go ahead, begin your adventure with the Sassafras twins today!
Start your journey with the Sassafras Science books!

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Blaine and Tracey Sassafras of the Sassafras Science Adventures seriesHi-ya! We are Blaine and Tracey Sassafras stars of the science-learning journey known as The Sassafras Science Adventures. We'd love to keep you up-to-date with our latest news and send you some bi-monthly science awesomeness. Discover how much fun you can have learning about seedspandas, and so much more - just sign up below!

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extracting DNA feature

Howdy folks – Cecil Sassafras here again! Blaine and Tracey asked me to come by today and share with you all “something fun.” Well we all know where that can lead. This time we will not be learning about rockets. We will be learning about something much smaller – DNA. Blaine’s and Tracey’s journey through DNA […]