The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume Two: Anatomy

Our summer-long, science-filled, adventure-packed journey continues with a look at the human body!

In The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume Two Anatomy, the zip-lining science adventure continues for Blaine and Tracey Sassafras (that’s us) – and we want to bring you along for the ride!

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The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume Two: AnatomyJoin us as we travel to fascinating locales to learn about the human body.

Together we will learn all about the human body as we zip around the globe. In the book, we will visit locations like:

  • An ancient tomb in Ethiopia to learn about the skeletal system;
  • A garbage landfill in Texas to study the digestive system;
  • And a bistro in Italy to experience the five senses!

We will meet a variety of local experts who help us along the way to learn about the different systems of the human body.

And we want you to enjoy learning about anatomy, too!

And, we know that through every tooth key, garbage digestion system, and delicious meal this living book will teach your students about the human body in a way that they’ll never forget!

We know this because thousands of readers have already told us so. Here is what one of our Sassy-Sci peeps has to say about the second leg of our adventure:

“My son thoroughly enjoyed following along with this adventure. He was intrigued and locked on to the zip line escapade as he learned about the human body and it’s systems. Thanks for another great volume in the science adventures of Blaine & Tracey!” (review by ajc)

Read (or listen to) a sample of The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume Two: Anatomy.

See how the adventure continues:

Psst…Wondering how we handle reproduction? Read the part of the novel that covers it below!

Come meet a few of the characters before you get reading.

Check out the following guest posts on our blog to get to know a few of the characters you will meet on your anatomical journey.

Did you know that Sassafras Science is more than just a book?

We actually have a full line-up to help you teach science!

You can enjoy this volume on its own . . . Or you can add some of our support materials to construct a full homeschool science curriculum!

The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume Two AnatomyStill here? Get a bit more info…

Read the sample or watch President Lincoln’s anatomy review video below for more information.

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