The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume One: Zoology

The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume One Zoology begins the zip-lining science adventures of Blaine and Tracey Sassafras!

My kids ages 6,9,and 11 have enjoyed this book! They love science days and beg for me to read more. It has heightened their interest in animals and it has made them want to learn more. Great fun story. Great program. (review by A. McKelvey)

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The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume One: ZoologyThe twins, and your students, learn all about the amazing animals that can be found around the globe. In the book, they visit locations like:

  • The African Grasslands to discover more about the lion and cheetah;
  • The Amazon Rainforest to learn about the sloth and poison dart frog;
  • And the Alaskan Arctic to study the musk ox and snow goose.

Blaine and Tracey meet a variety of local experts who help them to learn about the animals in the region. Along the way, they discover a budding interest in studying science.

This living books adventure will teach your students about zoology in a way that they’ll never forget!

Want to meet a few of the characters before you get reading?

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You can enjoy this volume on its own or you can add in the activity guide and logbook. These books will provide you with the tools you need to construct a full homeschool science curriculum!
The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume One: Zoology
Read the sample or watch President Lincoln’s zoology review video below for more information.

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