The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume Four Earth Science

In The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume Four Earth Science, the zip-lining science blows forward for Blaine and Tracey Sassafras!

We had a blast on this leg! Blaine and I learned a ton about weather and the Earth, stuff we will never forget. We can’t wait to share this part of our journey with you!! – Tracey Sassafras

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volume 4 imageThe twins, and your students, learn all about the our Earth as they zip around the globe. In the book, they visit locations like:

  • The plains of Oklahoma to learn about wind patterns and tornadoes;
  • The mountains in Patagonia to discover more about snow and frost;
  • And the open ocean to learn about coral reefs and currents!

Blaine and Tracey meet a variety of local experts who help them along the way to learn about the different weather patterns and features found on the Earth.

This adventure style living book weaves information about earth science into an action-packed story-line that is sure to inspire your students!

Want to meet a few of the characters before you get reading?

Check out the following guest posts:

You can enjoy this volume on its own or you can add in the activity guide and logbook. These books will provide you with the tools you need to construct a full homeschool science curriculum!

The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 4: Earth Science

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