The Sassafras Science Activity Guides

I am so impressed with this science curriculum! Though my (first grade) daughter is eager to learn science, we couldn’t find a program that worked for us … she was bored with the worksheet approach we used in the past, but the animal-by-animal approach was far too much prep work for me. I stumbled across this program completely by accident, but it’s the best “accident” that ever happened to our homeschool. This is a perfect balance of “living books” and the classical approach, and my daughter is glued! Very well done. (review by Emma B.)

Enhance your journey with the Sassafras twins with the activity guide!Enhance your Sassafras Science journey with our activity guides! These guides will help you create a full plan for science education around our novels.  You will find:

  • Chapter summaries,
  • Encyclopedia assignments,
  • Additional book suggestions,
  • Possible answers for the logbook pages,
  • Scientific demonstrations,
  • Copywork and dictation,
  • Coordinating activities,
  • And two scheduling options in the activity guide.

The activity guide partners with the SCIDAT logbook which includes notebooking sheets to record what the students are learning.

Using the activity guide will give you loads of options from which to choose as you create a full living books curriculum for science!

Currently Available Activity Guides

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