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The {Real} Story of how the Sassafras Series began

You can read the fictional story of how our story began on our homepage. But in reality, the story of the origins of the Sassafras Science series goes like this:

It began with a dream…

The Sassafras Science series began as a desire to make science fun and exciting. A dream to inspire students early on to love science!

We wanted to wrap scientific fact into a storyline that students couldn’t put down. One in which they would get so caught up in the adventure that learning science became the most exciting part of their day.

And then, one night at dinner…

When Paige, Brad, Johnny, and Shannon met one night for dinner, Johnny got to talking about how he had a dream of writing adventure books and Paige shared about her dream to write a living book for science.

The four of them brainstormed and the idea for the Sassafras Science series was born!!

And we got down to business…

We began writing furiously – creating invisible zip lines, super fun characters, and page-turning stories. We added in science activities, logbooks, and lapbooks to create a full science curriculum.

We designed a website and sent the Sassafras twins zipping out into the world!

The response has been to Sassafras Science was amazing!

We have heard loads of stories about how our books are rescuing science and inspiring students to love learning about our favorite subject.

Here are a few examples:

I bought the sassafras twins zoology lap booking guide (and novel) as a supplement to our decent science curriculum. (1st grade). We’ve all but eliminated our “core” science and are now just so enjoying the twins adventures instead. I have to admit that I was all choked up reading the end of the dessert chapter. There was some challenging moral stuff (in an inspiring way) as Mesneh was challenged to rise up! (Thinking of Mel Gibson in brave heart?!) anyway we can hardly put the book down long enough to make the lap books and the extra activities. (We do them because my daughter loves them too!!) even my 3 yo walks around covering his eyebrows and saying in a sinister voice “I’m the man with no eyebrows!” In short: A+ from our family!! – Sarah

Despite the fact that we finished our science reading for the week, AND despite having a “day off” because it was his younger brother’s birthday. My 1st grader STILL asked if we could do science today! He really enjoys the Sassafras Science Adventures and though we’re only on Chapter 7 of book 1 he’s already asked about what other books were in the series and if we can read those too! – Coniqua

Have you read the story behind the Sassafras Science series?

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So now that you understand why we wrote the Sassafras Science series and what others feel about our books, let me share a few posts that will help you dig a bit deeper into what we are all about!

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