Are the Sassafras Twins right for you?

Are the Sassafras Twins right for you? | Sassafras ScienceHi-ya! This is Blaine and Tracey Sassafras and we are here today to answer the question, “Are the Sassafras Twins right for your family?”

Yes, they are.

Well, maybe we should include a little more than that. So here it goes…

Are the Sassafras Twins Right for your family?

The books of the Sassafras Science series inject adventure into your homeschool science plan through a living books curriculum. They provide a unique approach, one that is different from any of the options currently on the market.

We are a great fit for families that:

  • Want to use living books to teaching science;
  • Want to use only one science curriculum with all their students;
  • Want to add a little pizzazz to their current science studies.

The Components of the Sassafras Series

Living Books Curriculum for Science |

The adventure-style novels incorporate facts about science around the world seamlessly into the action-packed story-line or the best summer of our lives! Each book is on a 5th grade reading level, so a middle school student can read it on his or her own, or the whole family can listen to it as a read-aloud.

The activity guides help you to create a full homeschool science curriculum from the novels. Each one includes a buffet of options that coordinate with the individual chapters of the novel. The activity guide will assist you in pulling out the key concepts and provide you with options to enhance what the students are learning.

The SCIDAT logbooks provide a place for your students to record what they are learning as they journey with the us through the novel. Each logbook includes open ended notebooking pages complete with images and spaces for your students to fill. (Note: We tried to get the authors to send you each a smartphone with the apps installed, but apparently their insurance company won’t allow that.)

The lapbooking guides can help you to create a gentle homeschool science curriculum from the novels. Each one leads you through a survey of an area of science using a series of eight mini-lapbooks to document the journey.

How the series works

When you use the Sassafras Science Adventures series as your main science curriculum, you will:

  1. Read a chapter about our adventures in the adventure-style fictional book each week.
  2. Then, you will choose one or more activities from the activity or lapbooking guide to enhance what the students have learned from the novel.
  3. The students will record what they have learned in their own SCIDAT logbook or lapbook.

The novel and the support materials work hand in hand to create a full living books curriculum for science.

If you are still not sure if our books will work for your family, Please feel free to send us an email or ask your questions over on the Sassafras Science Facebook Page.

by Blanie and Tracey Sassafras

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