Hot-maybe Eggs Recipe {Sassy-Sci Style}

Want to eat like we do? Then read on for our hot-maybe eggs recipe! Hot-maybe Eggs Recipe So if you have read about our zoology leg, you already know about these delicious eggs! If you haven't {Spoiler Alert}! Blaine says these were awesome to eat - one of the highlights of his stop in Australia. I, however, missed tasting them the first time around, thanks to a glitch in the zip … [Read more...]

How to grow a butterfly {A Zoology Project}

Welcome back to the Summer of Science Extravaganza!!! Ulysses and I (Summer Beach) have been sharing some summer-time science projects for you to enjoy! We shared how to sprout some herbs from cuttings and our edible cell calzone. But we saved the best for last! Today, we are going to talk about how to grow a butterfly in your very own home!!!! I need to calm down with a plain white bread … [Read more...]

How Do Snakes Smell: The Jacobson Organ

Hi, Blaine here! Tracey let me have the reigns today thanks to stinky socks, an old friend, and a reptilian pet! You see, I have this friend Pete who has earned the nickname “Stinky Pete” thanks to his smelly socks. You are probably wondering why in the world would I be talking about stinky socks when the title of this post is about how snakes smell? I promise it is not to make Tracey … [Read more...]

How to do your own Owl Pellet Dissection

Ever since we spent a summer zipping around the world learning about science, we have been hungry to learn more. And when the opportunity presented itself to do some hands-on science fun with our author, we jump at the chance! A few weeks ago Paige and her kids decided to dissect an owl pellet for Science Saturday. She was kind enough to invite us over and we enthusiastically joined in! We … [Read more...]

How to tell giraffes apart

The very first stop on our summer-long zip-line journey was the African grasslands. We had the pleasure of meeting the best safari guide in Kenya, Nicholas Mzuri. We also had the misfortune of being stranded in the heart of the grasslands when the Man with No Eyebrows stole our Jeep! After our Jeep was absconded (<-that dictionary app is paying off!), we spent the night in a make-shift … [Read more...]

Are giant pandas herbivores or carnivores?

Hiya folks! Tracey here, back to introduce another amazing friend and local expert. This one is going to answer the question - are giant pandas herbivores or carnivores? I first meant Tashi in Sichuan, China on our zoology leg. I was separated from Blaine when this incredibly sweet Tibetan girl came up to me and we became instant friends. She ended up taking me to her home in the mountains … [Read more...]