Help us solve the Case of the Disappearing Pumpkin Spiced Nuts

Every year we make these pumpkin spiced nuts for our Thanksgiving celebrations, but the problem is that they always seem to disappear before we get a handful to the table. Often, Blaine and I have to zip away right after they come out of the oven and when we get back the nuts are gone. It's very mysterious. So, we need your help to solve this nutty conundrum. We need you, our Sassy-Sci … [Read more...]

18 Thanksgiving Science Activities

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Our mouths are salivating for the turkey, the stuffing, and the sweet potato casserole – was there ever a better excuse for having desert as your veggies? Anywhoo, Blaine and I don’t do much of the cooking or cleaning up at our annual Sassafras Thanksgiving Feast. Our job is to entertain all the little guys from our ever-growing clan. It’s not that … [Read more...]