How to grow a butterfly {A Zoology Project}

Welcome back to the Summer of Science Extravaganza!!! Ulysses and I (Summer Beach) have been sharing some summer-time science projects for you to enjoy! We shared how to sprout some herbs from cuttings and our edible cell calzone. But we saved the best for last! Today, we are going to talk about how to grow a butterfly in your very own home!!!! I need to calm down with a plain white bread … [Read more...]

The Edible Cell Calzone {An Anatomy Project}

Ulysses and I always say that when you add science to food, it makes the whole process so much more fun!! If you have read the Sassafras twins’ story for any length of time, then you know about my affinity for all things sandwich.  So, it will come as no surprise that I want to make a sandwich-style edible cell model! I know, I know, normally you see a Jell-O model, and that is great for … [Read more...]

How to Grow Herbs from Cuttings {A Botany Project}

Hello, all!! And welcome to the Summer of Science!! I am Summer Beach, your host for the next two months! We are going to chat about several projects that you can do over the summer to inject a bit of fun into these lazy days. I promise it will be better than a portabella mushroom burger topped with balsamic glaze, spinach, and a blue cheese sauce – YUM!! Let’s get started with our botany … [Read more...]