How {not} to explode a volcano at home

Was your last volcano at home explosion more of a slow glub-glub than an exciting reaction? You are not alone! Our Sassy-Sci friends, who are super eager for volume 5, tried to make a volcano explode a home over the holiday break. And let's just say - it didn't go as planned. Here is their story and a bit of help to help you avoid the dreaded micro-ooze!! The Volcano at Home Micro-explosion … [Read more...]

The Top 10 All-time Favorite Reads at Sassafras Science

Can you guys believe that Blaine and I have been bringing you all science fun for almost four years now? When our publishers decide to share our incredible journey of summer science fun we had no idea of the adventure that was waiting for us! And a big part of that has been the privilege to connect with you all as we share expert tips and super fun activities! As we wrap up the fun for 2016, we … [Read more...]

Top 3 candy cane experiments you absolutely need to do

Grab a box of candy canes - Blaine and I have 3 candy cane experiments that you absolutely have to try out this Christmas! Summer loves to send us experiments to "test" out each year. And this holiday season she sent us loads of candy cane experiments. We spent hours testing them all and now we are sharing our top three, you don't want to miss ones with you all! These candy cane experiments … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Use Science to Get Rid of all that Halloween Candy

We like candy - let's face it - every kid loves candy! But our parents don't want to eat tons of candy and quite frankly our teeth thank them. So, rather than throwing all our Halloween candy in the trash, we are going to have a bit of science fun this year! These five ideas are on our list to test out and we thought you guys would have fun with them too! 5 Ways to Use Science to Get Rid of … [Read more...]

Silver Polish {A Summer Science Activity}

I know you are thinking - Uncle Cecil is crazy - silver polish can't possibly be a super fun summer science activity! But, I beg of you, give it a chance and you will be amazed! Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not the best at cleaning house. My mind is so full of ideas that it can't hold extraneous details like that. But every year or so I remember about Great-granny Gertrude's … [Read more...]

How to make a bioplastic in your kitchen

Our summer science fun continues! Today the Prez and I are going to share with you how to make a simple bioplastic in your microwave!! What is a bioplastic you ask? It's a plasticky┬ámaterial made from biological chemicals - clear as muddy water? Now, we can't exactly make a completely hard bioplastic in our microwave. That would require a few more steps and processes that you probably don't … [Read more...]