What? Brown cows don’t provide chocolate milk?

Sigh, brown cows do not equal chocolate milk - something we knew before our zip-line travels began. But Edbert's antics did keep us laughing while on our zoology leg! It's moments like these and more that made our summer-long, science-learning journey a blast! Here are a few more quotes from our journey for you to enjoy. Sassafras Quotes Collection No. 1 "Well, I don’t see any brown cows. … [Read more...]

Come see how one person uses the Sassafras Science novels and lapbooks

Wondering what it looks like to use the Sassafras Science series with the lapbooking guide? Paige, our author, has pulled back the curtain on her homeschool and let the world peek inside to see how they use the Sassafras Science series. With her permission, we are going to share her plan for the week. What it looks like to use the Sassafras Science novels with the lapbooking guide Right … [Read more...]

Why the Sassafras Science books should never grace your bookshelves

It has come to my attention that you people did not get my previous message. You continue to purchase the Sassafras Science books! And now, I hear that all kinds of you are excited about the annual Cyber Monday sale from their publishers, Elemental Science. Apparently, a rumor is floating around that they will be offering a discounted novel package, just like they did last year. There is an … [Read more...]

How to add geography to your Sassafras Science Adventures

The Sassafras Science series zips you around the world to learn about science. And many of you have turned all those stops into a basic study of geography. You all will be able to read about our journey learning about mapping and more in the upcoming volume 5. But we wanted to share with you all three ways you can add a bit of geography to your adventure right now! Let’s get started . . … [Read more...]

Plants {A Linc Dog Presentation}

Hey folks, school is almost out for summer!! We have got a great line-up of super fun activities from Uncle Cecil's lab planned for you all this summer, but before we get to sharing those, we wanted to release the Linc Dog's (a.k.a. the Prez's) botanical review video. Once again, his work was a great way for us to remember where we had been and to get ready for the next leg. And we suspect … [Read more...]

Cloud Collages {An Uncle Cecil Activity}

Hi-ya Sassy-Sci students!! Uncle Cecil is back in the how-ouse with yet another super fun activity from my lab to yours. This time we are going to make cloud collages!! During my niece's and nephew's downtime after their earth science leg we did this sciency, artsy activity. Partly because it hammers home what clouds look like and partly to take their minds off...well you will have to read … [Read more...]