Basic Geology: The Sassafras Twins share with you the three types of rock

Blaine didn't know what the three types of rock were before our geology leg. This is what his geology test would have looked like before our summer-long, zip-lining journey began: But thanks to some amazing new tech from our Uncle and his prairie dog lab assistant, we now know the three types of rocks. And pretty soon you'll get to join us on that leg!! But before that happens, Blaine … [Read more...]

What? Brown cows don’t provide chocolate milk?

Sigh, brown cows do not equal chocolate milk - something we knew before our zip-line travels began. But Edbert's antics did keep us laughing while on our zoology leg! It's moments like these and more that made our summer-long, science-learning journey a blast! Here are a few more quotes from our journey for you to enjoy. Sassafras Quotes Collection No. 1 "Well, I don’t see any brown cows. … [Read more...]

Come see how one person uses the Sassafras Science novels and lapbooks

Wondering what it looks like to use the Sassafras Science series with the lapbooking guide? Paige, our author, has pulled back the curtain on her homeschool and let the world peek inside to see how they use the Sassafras Science series. With her permission, we are going to share her plan for the week. What it looks like to use the Sassafras Science novels with the lapbooking guide Right … [Read more...]