Help us solve the Case of the Disappearing Pumpkin Spiced Nuts

Every year we make these pumpkin spiced nuts for our Thanksgiving celebrations, but the problem is that they always seem to disappear before we get a handful to the table. Often, Blaine and I have to zip away right after they come out of the oven and when we get back the nuts are gone. It's very mysterious. So, we need your help to solve this nutty conundrum. We need you, our Sassy-Sci … [Read more...]

How you can celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day with science at home today

It's National Grilled Cheese Day and we are celebrating this wonderful holiday with science!! I know, your thinking - Blaine and Tracey, what the heck do grilled cheese sandwiches, science, and your living books have in common? It's really rather simple - we love grilled cheese sandwiches and we have a living book series, plus today is National Grilled Cheese Day and we are going to … [Read more...]

Hot-maybe Eggs Recipe {Sassy-Sci Style}

Want to eat like we do? Then read on for our hot-maybe eggs recipe! Hot-maybe Eggs Recipe So if you have read about our zoology leg, you already know about these delicious eggs! If you haven't {Spoiler Alert}! Blaine says these were awesome to eat - one of the highlights of his stop in Australia. I, however, missed tasting them the first time around, thanks to a glitch in the zip … [Read more...]