Bread Mold {Real-life Science Illustrated}

Welcome back to our series - Real-life Science Illustrated - where Blaine and I will share your real-life stories, illustrate them, answer your questions, and help you learn about science! Here is our next real-life science question: How do you get mold to grow on bread? Let's dig into today's question... {Real-life Science Illustrated} OK, here's the story behind the real-life science … [Read more...]

Under a Rock {Real-life Science Illustrated}

So Blaine and I have become big fans of science and y'all are looking to us as experts in the field, which is awesome! We have started to get questions about some real-life science challenges. We had been answering email after email, but then Blaine had a stroke of genius. He thought that we should share our answers with all the peeps out there. And I agreed. So, welcome to a brand new … [Read more...]