When should you stop reading science aloud to your kids?

When should you stop reading aloud to your kids? Never - read aloud to them as long as they will let you do so! In fact, Blaine and I still enjoy listening to a good book. But reading science aloud to them is a bit different. At what point are they ready to start reading and learning rather than listening and learning?  Is there a way for you to even tell? Today, Paige is back on the … [Read more...]

Charlotte Mason would have loved these beautiful book summary lapbooks

Charlotte Mason was an advocate of living books and narration. And book summary lapbooks are a modern way to combine these two! As fans of living books, narration, and Miss Mason, we wanted to share with you all how to make your own beautiful book summary lapbooks. This method will work for any book you read! Plus, the final product is a great way to showcase what your students are … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Reading Adventure Books

You all know that we are fans of reading adventure books. They are like invisible zip lines for your mind! If you haven't read the adventure series, the Growly Trilogy, you simply must. Blaine and I have fallen in love with this series and we demanded suggested that we offer them here at Sassafras Science. 'Cause we didn't want our peeps to miss out on them! But not only do we get to share … [Read more...]