DEAR Day – Stop, Drop, And Read with the Sassafras Twins

Stop what you are doing! Or rather stop your kids from what they are doing? Drop what is in your hands! Unless it could break. If that is the case, just set it down gently. Now use those free hands to pick up a book and start reading!! Did you know that today, April 12th, was a national day set aside for reading? What is DEAR Day? Beverly Cleary first wrote about the DEAR concept in her … [Read more...]

A list of the Let’s Read and Find Out books you can use for science

We love the Let's Read and Find Out series of books! They are a group of interesting and informative non-fiction books perfect to add to your science-learning journey. But anytime we have to look for a new one, it's a bit wonky to find the right book. And, we figured that we are not the only ones with this issue. So, here it goes a list of the Let's Read and Find Out books you can use for … [Read more...]

5 Sanity-saving tips to maximize the learning for your read-aloud time

Do you find that you are losing your mind during your read-aloud time? This kid is rolling around and making funny faces. Another one interrupts every five seconds. And that one jumps up to "grab something" so often you wonder if you will ever finish the chapter! Well, you are not alone! Paige has a whole bunch of funny "read-aloud-antics" type stories to tell. And we asked her to come by … [Read more...]