The prairie dog is jealous and so we are sharing his How to Dye Celery video

What do prairie dogs and videos on how to dye celery have to do with each other? Well, here in Uncle Cecil’s lab, President Lincoln, his lab assistant, is a wee bit jealous. At least that’s what we think he meant with all the gesturing and chattering. We are getting better at understanding him, but it’s hard with him being a prairie dog and all. Anywhoo, he brought this video to us about … [Read more...]

Weather and Water (A Linc Dog Production)

As you probably already know, at the before we start a new leg on our adventure, the Prez likes to put together a short presentation of our previous leg. And thankfully he continues to allow us to post these videos here on the blog for you guys to enjoy as well! So without any more introduction, we would like to bring in the prairie do of oh-so-few words to share his latest Linc Dog … [Read more...]

Plants {A Linc Dog Presentation}

Hey folks, school is almost out for summer!! We have got a great line-up of super fun activities from Uncle Cecil's lab planned for you all this summer, but before we get to sharing those, we wanted to release the Linc Dog's (a.k.a. the Prez's) botanical review video. Once again, his work was a great way for us to remember where we had been and to get ready for the next leg. And we suspect … [Read more...]