To the Adventurers: Why I don’t recommend the new Sassafras Science Geology novel

An open letter to the Sassafras Science Adventurers who are considering buying a copy of the new Sassafras Science Geology novel. Dear Adventurers, Adventurers, I am not sure I should use that term as I don't want you to go on a Sassafras Science journey in the first place. But friends seemed wrong and if you have gotten this far, I must admit that you are adventurers. Most of you know me … [Read more...]

Why the Sassafras Science books should never grace your bookshelves

It has come to my attention that you people did not get my previous message. You continue to purchase the Sassafras Science books! And now, I hear that all kinds of you are excited about the annual Cyber Monday sale from their publishers, Elemental Science. Apparently, a rumor is floating around that they will be offering a discounted novel package, just like they did last year. There is an … [Read more...]

4 Reasons why notebooking is completely overrated

You have forced my hand. I had no choice but to return to this blog today. I tried to explain to you why you should never purchase one of the¬†Sassafras Science¬†books, but apparently, you do not listen! Over the past two years, the popularity of the series has grown. I have become more and more convinced that I must try another approach to sway you from supporting the dream of my nemesis, … [Read more...]