How to Use Living Books – Spines or Supplements?

We have been touring the country as part of convention season recently. The response to the Sassafras series has been overwhelming! We had a few screaming fans and loads of moms who told us that their kids were finally interested in science! But the people who didn't know much about us were unsure of how you could use a living book to teach science. Today, I want to highlight how living … [Read more...]

How a living book once saved the world

Hey, folks!! Tracey turned over the reins to me today and we are definitely going to go for a ride. I’m going to share with you a mind-blowing short story about how a living book once saved the world. It is written by the self-proclaimed “King of Fun” – me! This post doubled as a writing assignment for me in school, so I had to write it in modern-day story prose ‘cause that is what my … [Read more...]

Living books and nature study go hand-in-hand

Often we look at living books and nature study as the fun extras of science education. The icing on the cake so to speak. The two sure taste good, but living books and nature study can’t possibly have the substance we need to teach science, right? The truth is that you can easily teach elementary and middle school science with just these two tools in your arsenal. Today, I want to share … [Read more...]

How to use living books with middle school students

Hi, Sassy-sci fans! Blaine and Tracey have asked me to come back and share about how to use living books to teach science to middle school students. Several months ago, I shared with how to use living books with elementary students and the response was so great that the twins wanted more. But before we discuss how to use living books with middle school students, I thought I would share a … [Read more...]

How to use living books for science with elementary students

Do you love the idea of sitting on the couch, cuddling up and reading? But you have no idea how to use living books to teach science. Well, look no further.  Today, I'm happy to be back on the Sassafras blog to share more about how to use living books to teach science to your elementary students. Let's start by chatting about your goals for science during the elementary years and what you … [Read more...]

How to Successfully use Living Books with Multiple Ages

Tracey and I are the same age, but we know that most of our readers are not. In fact, loads of you have emailed us asking how you can use living books with multiple ages. As so today, we have asked Paige, our resident living books expert, to come back once again and share about how to successfully use living books with lots of differently aged kids. So join me in giving a collective virtual … [Read more...]