5 Sanity-saving tips to maximize the learning for your read-aloud time

Do you find that you are losing your mind during your read-aloud time? This kid is rolling around and making funny faces. Another one interrupts every five seconds. And that one jumps up to "grab something" so often you wonder if you will ever finish the chapter! Well, you are not alone! Paige has a whole bunch of funny "read-aloud-antics" type stories to tell. And we asked her to come by … [Read more...]

When should you stop reading science aloud to your kids?

When should you stop reading aloud to your kids? Never - read aloud to them as long as they will let you do so! In fact, Blaine and I still enjoy listening to a good book. But reading science aloud to them is a bit different. At what point are they ready to start reading and learning rather than listening and learning?  Is there a way for you to even tell? Today, Paige is back on the … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to Living Books for Science

Here it is - THE Ultimate Guide to Living Books for Science!! We have made no secret of the fact that we are fans of living books. They bring science to life in a way that nothing else can. There are loads of options out there telling you how to use living books for history and even math, but not so many on how to use living books for science. And so, we wanted to change that with this … [Read more...]

What are Living Books?

We talk about living books a fair amount here at Sassafras Science. Blaine has even shared about how living books once saved the world! But we realized that we have yet to share the answer to the burning question - "What are living books?"  Something we plan to remedy with this post! We are bringing Paige back to define what a living book is for your all today since she is our resident … [Read more...]

Living Books Definition {Sassafras Science Style}

Our definition of a living book Here is what the Sassafras twins have to say... Blaine says: Tracey says: Want to know what the real experts say about living books? Check out the following posts: What are living books? 10 Posts you must read about living books … [Read more...]

10 Posts you must read about living books

Blaine and I didn’t know what a living book was before we meant Paige and Johnny. Blaine would have thought it was a book with legs, arms, and a head that you only see at Halloween or book fairs. I, on the other hand, would have been smart enough to ask – the benefits of being the smarter twin! I found out that living books are pretty common in Charlotte Mason circles. That living books are … [Read more...]