Lapbook & Notebook Tips

Last week we had Paige drop by and share about how you can choose between a lapbook or a notebook. Today, we have grabbed a few quotes from her post to help you see the difference between these two tools! Here's what Paige has to say about lapbooks: You can learn more about lapbooks in this post: What are lapbooks? Here's what Paige has to say about notebooks: You can learn … [Read more...]

Should you use a Lapbook or Notebook?

Lapbook or notebook? Notebook or lapbook? It’s a question that we hear often here at Sassafras Science since we offer both a lapbook and a notebook, a.k.a. logbook. Both are fantastic ways of recording what a student is learning through notebooking, but there are differences between the two. We thought that we would invite Paige to come back to the blog today to help clear up the … [Read more...]

What are lapbooks?

We had never heard of lapbooks before we met Paige. But now that Blaine and I do know about them, we have a whole bookshelf dedicated to our creations! So in honor of the release of a third lapbook here at Sassafras Science, I thought it was about time to have Paige come share about lapbooks and how you can use these puppies. And that, my friends, is exactly what we are doing today! What … [Read more...]