The Sassafras Twins share 8 ideas to dress up like a villain this Halloween

We like to dress up for Halloween - some years our costumes are super cool, some years not so much. One year, I (Tracey) wanted to dress up as a princess, but my parents insisted that I dress up in our mom's old handmade flower costume. Um . . . yeah, Blaine made a lot of fun of me that year, but I got my revenge when he had to dress up in dad's old handmade felt frog costume the year … [Read more...]

How you can celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day with science at home today

It's National Grilled Cheese Day and we are celebrating this wonderful holiday with science!! I know, your thinking - Blaine and Tracey, what the heck do grilled cheese sandwiches, science, and your living books have in common? It's really rather simple - we love grilled cheese sandwiches and we have a living book series, plus today is National Grilled Cheese Day and we are going to … [Read more...]

Give a last minute Valentine with Sassafras Science {FREE Printables}

Did you forget that today was Valentine's Day? Don't worry - we have got you covered! These five free printable Valentines will help you share the love with your siblings including a Sassy-Sci twist. 5 Printable Sassafras Science Valentine's Day Cards Download all five Sassafras Science Valentine's Day Cards! You can click the link above to see all five cards right away, but we thought … [Read more...]