Don’t be afraid to try these 3 Christmas tree experiments right now

It's the most wonderful time of the year and these three Christmas tree experiments will make the season even brighter! Here in the Sassafras house, Christmas is a big deal! And after our summer-long science-filled adventure, we love to sprinkle a little science into our holiday cheer. Summer is always quick to supply us with great ideas, like these candy cane experiments, and this year was no … [Read more...]

2 Options for Science during the Holidays

Science during the holidays, to change or not to change - that is the question. Every year during the holiday season, educators around the globe ask themselves: What do we do for school around the holidays? And since Blaine and I are not in charge of the plans, we thought that it would be best to have Paige, our author and homeschooling expert, come back and share her answer to this age-old … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Use Science to Get Rid of all that Halloween Candy

We like candy - let's face it - every kid loves candy! But our parents don't want to eat tons of candy and quite frankly our teeth thank them. So, rather than throwing all our Halloween candy in the trash, we are going to have a bit of science fun this year! These five ideas are on our list to test out and we thought you guys would have fun with them too! 5 Ways to Use Science to Get Rid of … [Read more...]