5 Review Tips for Sassafras Science

As the release of volume 4 is quickly approaching (February 1st for those of you who haven’t heard), we thought we would share a few review tips for Sassafras Science. These tips will help you get ready for your next leg as you take a quick look at where you have been so far. These tips have been tested and suggested by your fellow adventurers, so we are confident they will be a blast! Let’s … [Read more...]

Notebooking Tips {Infograph}

We get lots of questions about notebooking here at Sassafras Science. Our author and resident notebooking expert, Paige, has answered a few of them in the past. What is notebooking? How do I get started with notebooking? How do I use notebooking with multiple ages? Should I use a lapbook or a notebook? How do I organize my notebooks? What should I expect from my student for … [Read more...]

What is rain?

What is rain? Or rather, what exactly is rain in scientific terms? We learned the answer to this question while on the earth science leg of our science-learning adventure. We were in the Congolese Rainforest on a treasure hunt for the Giant Bonobo diamond when our expert Carver Brighton shared all about rain with us. Here's a few quotes from what he shared: Want the full story? … [Read more...]