Enjoy learning about rocks as you play the FREE geology game – Rock Slides and Arrows

What's better than attending a Floating Tomatoes concert at the Right-Handed Pelican? Playing a free geology game to learn about rocks or at least to review what you have learned about rocks! Blaine and I love to play Rock Slides and Arrows. It's part trivia, part board game, and all fun. And now, through the magic of the Internet, we get to share one of our favorite pastimes with you! Rock … [Read more...]

Race Across the Map and Learn about the Globe with Atlas Run {FREE Game}

Blaine and I are super excited to share about this free earth science game!! It's perfect to play after you finish our earth science leg. In Atlas Run, you race around a map, attempting to get from the south pole to the north pole. You answer questions about our planet to move and of course, there are a few fun surprises along the way! We love to play this game in our house and we are … [Read more...]

Want to enjoy learning about animals? {FREE Zoology Game}

So, you know that Blaine and I are all about having fun as you learn about science. And this free zoology game definitely fits the bill!! Our Zoology Game You can use this as you read through the first leg of our journey or you can use this game to just play and learn about animals. Either way, you'll love playing this free zoology game! Zoology Bingo Supplies 2 to 4 Players, ages 5 and … [Read more...]