Race Across the Map and Learn about the Globe with Atlas Run {FREE Game}

Blaine and I are super excited to share about this free earth science game!! It's perfect to play after you finish our earth science and geology legs. In Atlas Run, you race around a map, attempting to get from the south pole to the north pole. You answer questions about our planet to move and of course, there are a few fun surprises along the way! We love to play this game in our house and … [Read more...]

Cloud Collages {An Uncle Cecil Activity}

Hi-ya Sassy-Sci students!! Uncle Cecil is back in the how-ouse with yet another super fun activity¬†from my lab to yours. This time we are going to make cloud collages!! During my niece's and nephew's downtime after their earth science leg we did this sciency, artsy activity. Partly because it hammers home what clouds look like and partly to take their minds off...well you will have to read … [Read more...]

Rain {SassySci Style}

Get more SassySci Style on Instagram! Spring shows bring May flowers!! Carver Brighton, one of our local experts taught us that rain is simply water falling from clouds in the sky as droplets. Rain forms when warm, moist air rises and condenses to form a cloud of water vapor. The micro-droplets then collect together to form bigger droplets, which fall to the ground because of gravity. Fun … [Read more...]