Don’t be afraid to try these 3 Christmas tree experiments right now

It's the most wonderful time of the year and these three Christmas tree experiments will make the season even brighter! Here in the Sassafras house, Christmas is a big deal! And after our summer-long science-filled adventure, we love to sprinkle a little science into our holiday cheer. Summer is always quick to supply us with great ideas, like these candy cane experiments, and this year was no … [Read more...]

Top 3 candy cane experiments you absolutely need to do

Grab a box of candy canes - Blaine and I have 3 candy cane experiments that you absolutely have to try out this Christmas! Summer loves to send us experiments to "test" out each year. And this holiday season she sent us loads of candy cane experiments. We spent hours testing them all and now we are sharing our top three, you don't want to miss ones with you all! These candy cane experiments … [Read more...]

3 Holiday Science Experiments Even the MWNE Will Love!

I know what you are thinking - why in the world would we want to compile a list of things that the Man with No Eyebrows (MWNE) would love? Well, to be honest, we don't - but we didn't want you to miss these holiday science experiments. And we were sure that the mention of his name would draw you in. Plus we know that if the Man with No Eyebrows were to try these three holiday science … [Read more...]