The National Parks Junior Ranger Program

Hey, folks!We like to share with you all exciting and unique ways to learn about science - The Junior Ranger program. At the time we are writing this post, we still can’t get access to the zip lines for you, so we wanted to share another opportunity.  Anywhoo, back to the Junior Ranger program. We first learned about this from Brock and Symphony during the botany leg of our summer science … [Read more...]

Photosynthesis 101 with Summer Beach

Deviled ham on sourdough bread with roasted red peppers! I am so excited to be here today sharing with you all about the amazing process of photosynthesis!! In case you don't already know, I'm Summer Beach – one of the twins’ favorite local experts and dear friend of the dreamy Cecil Sassafras! Ulysses, my lab assistant, and I are eagerly awaiting the release of The Sassafras Science … [Read more...]