Plants {A Linc Dog Presentation}

Hey folks, school is almost out for summer!! We have got a great line-up of super fun activities from Uncle Cecil's lab planned for you all this summer, but before we get to sharing those, we wanted to release the Linc Dog's (a.k.a. the Prez's) botanical review video. Once again, his work was a great way for us to remember where we had been and to get ready for the next leg. And we suspect … [Read more...]

Tree Bark {Sassy-Sci Style}

Get more SassySci Style on Instagram! Bark is like skin for a tree! It protects the tree's insides from invading pests and other threats. As we rolled through Siberia on our botany leg we learned that trees in the taiga have developed a thick bark to protect themselves from fire. The taiga is located just below the tundra biome. It has very cold winters and short, but warm summers. There … [Read more...]

How to dissect a spring bulb

Spring has sprung in our neck of the woods, how about yours? We have this amazing garden nearby that has thousands of flowers, like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths, that come up year after year. We learned about the crocus, another bulb flower, during our time in Siberia. But today, we asked our favorite botanist, Fiona, to come back and share a fun, hands-on activity that your kids are … [Read more...]

How to Grow Herbs from Cuttings {A Botany Project}

Hello, all!! And welcome to the Summer of Science!! I am Summer Beach, your host for the next two months! We are going to chat about several projects that you can do over the summer to inject a bit of fun into these lazy days. I promise it will be better than a portabella mushroom burger topped with balsamic glaze, spinach, and a blue cheese sauce – YUM!! Let’s get started with our botany … [Read more...]

Steps for Dissecting a Seed by Felipe Moreno

We learned on our botany leg that the seed contains the beginnings of a new plant. In other words, seeds are able to reproduce the plant they came from. There are millions of different kinds of seeds. We have been amazed at where we find them – like in the kitchen, on our hikes, and even in the grocery store. Did you know that peanuts are really seeds? Lately, Blaine and I have had … [Read more...]

Gymnosperm vs. Angiosperm

Hey, folks! The Sassafras twins are back in the how-ouse. Well, really, it’s just Blaine. Trace is wrapped up doing something boring and busy-like. So, I’m zipping in and posting this for her because I’m such an awesome older, wiser, and cooler big brother! Looks like today we got a little diddy from our botany expert, Fiona. Not only did she prove to be a knowledgeable botanist, but … [Read more...]