The prairie dog is jealous and so we are sharing his How to Dye Celery video

What do prairie dogs and videos on how to dye celery have to do with each other? Well, here in Uncle Cecil’s lab, President Lincoln, his lab assistant, is a wee bit jealous. At least that’s what we think he meant with all the gesturing and chattering. We are getting better at understanding him, but it’s hard with him being a prairie dog and all. Anywhoo, he brought this video to us about … [Read more...]

Hawk Talons shares facts and a free booklet for learning about seasons

It's awesome to watch the flowers and trees begin to bloom as the seasons' change. The scene outside changes from grey-brown colors to bright-green-rainbowy awesomeness. Blaine and I have always appreciated the change of seasons. It's nice to have something different to look at. But to be honest we didn't really care why or how that happened. That all changed one summer. The same summer we … [Read more...]

Bread Mold {Real-life Science Illustrated}

Welcome back to our series - Real-life Science Illustrated - where Blaine and I will share your real-life stories, illustrate them, answer your questions, and help you learn about science! Here is our next real-life science question: How do you get mold to grow on bread? Let's dig into today's question... {Real-life Science Illustrated} OK, here's the story behind the real-life science … [Read more...]