Palm-sized Microscope Review

Hey, folks – Tracey here! Here at Sassafras Science headquarters Blaine and I get to “try out” lots of science equipment to see if it will work for you all. Sometimes it does, sometimes . . . well, let’s just say that it ends up in one of the upstairs rooms at Uncle Cecil’s house. (Read volume two and you’ll understand what I mean.) Anywho, today I want to share something with you all that … [Read more...]

Gymnosperm vs. Angiosperm

Hey, folks! The Sassafras twins are back in the how-ouse. Well, really, it’s just Blaine. Trace is wrapped up doing something boring and busy-like. So, I’m zipping in and posting this for her because I’m such an awesome older, wiser, and cooler big brother! Looks like today we got a little diddy from our botany expert, Fiona. Not only did she prove to be a knowledgeable botanist, but … [Read more...]

3 Easy steps for getting started with notebooking

Hey, folks, it is Paige again. I am here today to share with you all three easy steps for getting started with notebooking. Notebooking is a fantastic way to record what your students are learning in science or any other subject you are studying. This technique has been around for hundreds of years. Men and woman like DaVinci, Beatrix Potter, and Thomas Edison all took advantage of … [Read more...]

Are giant pandas herbivores or carnivores?

Hiya folks! Tracey here, back to introduce another amazing friend and local expert. This one is going to answer the question - are giant pandas herbivores or carnivores? I first meant Tashi in Sichuan, China on our zoology leg. I was separated from Blaine when this incredibly sweet Tibetan girl came up to me and we became instant friends. She ended up taking me to her home in the mountains … [Read more...]

The National Parks Junior Ranger Program

Hey, folks!We like to share with you all exciting and unique ways to learn about science - The Junior Ranger program. At the time we are writing this post, we still can’t get access to the zip lines for you, so we wanted to share another opportunity.  Anywhoo, back to the Junior Ranger program. We first learned about this from Brock and Symphony during the botany leg of our summer science … [Read more...]

Introducing The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume Three: Botany!!

Oh man, I am so excited today! I get to share with you all more about our upcoming book, The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume Three: Botany! Johnny and Paige have done an awesome job of capturing the mystery, adventure, and science from our botany leg. Which, by the way, was one of my personal favorites from our summer zip line journey. You can head on over to the volume three page to see … [Read more...]