How to do your own Owl Pellet Dissection

Ever since we spent a summer zipping around the world learning about science, we have been hungry to learn more. And when the opportunity presented itself to do some hands-on science fun with our author, we jump at the chance! A few weeks ago Paige and her kids decided to dissect an owl pellet for Science Saturday. She was kind enough to invite us over and we enthusiastically joined in! We … [Read more...]

How to tell giraffes apart

The very first stop on our summer-long zip-line journey was the African grasslands. We had the pleasure of meeting the best safari guide in Kenya, Nicholas Mzuri. We also had the misfortune of being stranded in the heart of the grasslands when the Man with No Eyebrows stole our Jeep! After our Jeep was absconded (<-that dictionary app is paying off!), we spent the night in a make-shift … [Read more...]

Living books and nature study go hand-in-hand

Often we look at living books and nature study as the fun extras of science education. The icing on the cake so to speak. The two sure taste good, but living books and nature study can’t possibly have the substance we need to teach science, right? The truth is that you can easily teach elementary and middle school science with just these two tools in your arsenal. Today, I want to share … [Read more...]

How to use living books with middle school students

Hi, Sassy-sci fans! Blaine and Tracey have asked me to come back and share about how to use living books to teach science to middle school students. Several months ago, I shared with how to use living books with elementary students and the response was so great that the twins wanted more. But before we discuss how to use living books with middle school students, I thought I would share a … [Read more...]

The Human Body {A Linc-dog Presentation}

Hey, folks, we are back today to introduce President Lincoln as he shares his review video about the human body from the second leg of our journey! If you remember, as we traveled around the world we sent in the info we were learning with the SCIDAT app. Then, back at the lab the Prez and our Uncle cataloged it all for us. Before we got going on our next leg, the Prez presented a review video … [Read more...]

Steps for Dissecting a Seed by Felipe Moreno

We learned on our botany leg that the seed contains the beginnings of a new plant. In other words, seeds are able to reproduce the plant they came from. There are millions of different kinds of seeds. We have been amazed at where we find them – like in the kitchen, on our hikes, and even in the grocery store. Did you know that peanuts are really seeds? Lately, Blaine and I have had … [Read more...]