3 Ways you can make science fun each week

We all want to know how to make science fun - that is, after all, why you landed on this article . . . Hey, folks, it's Blaine Sassafras in the house! I gave Tracey the boot on this post because quite frankly, she's not the best at being "fun". I, on the other hand, am the leading authority on that subject in the Sassafras Fam. So, I knew that you guys would want to hear tips on making … [Read more...]

7 Organizational Tips for Notebooking

It is no secret that I prefer notebooking over worksheets, but over the years we have accumulated quite a notebook collection. While I am so thankful to have these keepsakes in our home, my relationship with notebooking hasn’t always been sunshine and roses. It took a bit of time for me to figure out an organizational system that works for us. One that allows us to reap the benefits of … [Read more...]

How to Use Living Books – Spines or Supplements?

We have been touring the country as part of convention season recently. The response to the Sassafras series has been overwhelming! We had a few screaming fans and loads of moms who told us that their kids were finally interested in science! But the people who didn't know much about us were unsure of how you could use a living book to teach science. Today, I want to highlight how living … [Read more...]