Come see how one person uses the Sassafras Science novels and lapbooks

Wondering what it looks like to use the Sassafras Science series with the lapbooking guide? Paige, our author, has pulled back the curtain on her homeschool and let the world peek inside to see how they use the Sassafras Science series. With her permission, we are going to share her plan for the week. What it looks like to use the Sassafras Science novels with the lapbooking guide Right … [Read more...]

Skin {SassySci Style}

Get more SassySci Style on Instagram! Your skin is amazing!! Doc Hibbel taught us that the skin has three layers, the epidermis (top), the dermis (middle), and a layer of fat (bottom). The upper layer of our skin consists of flat, dead cells that interlock to form a barrier or protective covering, the cells in this layer are constantly worn away and replaced, close up, this layer looks like a … [Read more...]

What are fingerprints?

Welcome the the next edition of the Sassafras Science graphic tips! This week's quote comes from Doc Hibbel as he shares about fingerprints. Here is what Doc Hibbel has to say: Read more about what Doc Hibbel shared about fingerprints and see how you can examine your own for arches, whorls, and loops. The Science of Fingerprints Learn more about the anatomy of the human body by … [Read more...]