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Enhance your science-learning journey with the support materials from Sassafras Science!Enhance your science-learning journey with the support materials for the Sassafras Science series!

I love the style of this curriculum. It makes things come to life instead of beating it out in workbook pages. I used this as a read aloud to my son and he couldn’t get enough. I’m excited for the rest of the volumes! {Review by sarahlynn}

Reading the story of the Sassafras twins science-filled, zip-lining journey is a great education on its own! However, we here at Sassafras Science want to provide you with the tools you need to take our novels to the next level.

We have the activity ideas and notebooks you need to create a full plan for science.

We offer activity guides, SCIDAT logbooks, lapbooks, coloring pages, and experiment kits for you to add to your student’s science-learning journey.

The Sassafras Science Series Support Materials

Here is a 45-second look at how our series works.

And here is a bit more about each of the support materials we offer.

The Activity Guide

Our activity guides have a buffet of science activities.

The Sassafras Science Activity Guides will help you create a full plan for science around our novels.  You will find:

  • chapter summaries
  • notebooking suggestions
  • related scientific demonstrations
  • copywork or dictation
  • coordinating activities

The activity guide partners with the SCIDAT logbook which includes notebooking sheets to record what the students are learning.

The SCIDAT Logbook

Our SCIDAT logbooks give you the space to record your journey.

The Sassafras Science SCIDAT logbooks include open-ended notebooking pages complete with images and spaces for your students to fill. You will find:

  • overview sheets with maps
  • subject-specific pages with images and space for narrations
  • glossary sheets with vocabulary cards
  • space to record additional narrations, copywork, and dictation assignments

The SCIDAT logbook allows your students to create a personalized record of their science-learning journey.

The Lapbooking Guide

Our lapbooking guide is a gentle companion to the Sassafras Science novels.

The Sassafras Science Lapbooking Guides lead you through a survey of an area of science using a series of eight mini-lapbooks to document the journey. The lapbooking guide includes:

  • vocabulary
  • lapbooking templates
  • a coordinating activity for each chapter

The lapbooking guide is a perfect companion to the novel for younger students.

Coloring Pages

Our coloring pages highlight key facts.

The Sassafras Science Coloring Pages are sheets with the illustrations and images from every SCIDAT topic covered in the book. Each topical coloring page has:

  • a large, black line illustration
  • a key fact sentence for the students to learn about the topic

The coloring pages are an easy way to let your littlest ones join the journey.

Experiment Kits

Our experiment kits make it easy for you to actually do science.

The Sassafras Science Experiment Kits provide the hard to find and difficult to get materials you need for the experiments found in the Sassafras Science series. These kits are compatible with both the activity guide and the lapbooking guide.

Go ahead – enhance your journey with our support materials!


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