Want to enjoy learning about animals? {FREE Zoology Game}

Learn about different animals around the globe as you play this super-fun, free zoology game.So, you know that Blaine and I are all about having fun as you learn about science. And this free zoology game definitely fits the bill!!

Our Zoology Game

You can use this as you read through the first leg of our journey or you can use this game to just play and learn about animals. Either way, you’ll love playing this free zoology game!

Zoology Bingo Supplies

How to Play Zoology Bingo

1. Decide who will be the caller and give them all Zoology Bingo fact cards. Alternatively, you can set the pile in the center of the table and take turns calling out the various animals or facts.

2. Give each player a Zoology Bingo sheet. Begin playing by having the caller choose a fact card from the top of the pile.

  • For younger players, simply call out the animal’s name.
  • For older players, call out the information listed on the card. Keep sharing facts until someone guesses the animal. For example, for the lion, you could say: this animal is a mammal, this animal lives in pride, and so on.

3. Each player will mark the animal on his sheet. Game play continues in this fashion until a someone wins.

How to Win Zoology Bingo

The first person to get four animals in a row in any direction yells out Bingo and wins the game.

Additional Zoology Game Ideas

The Zoology Bingo fact cards in this game packet can be used for a variety of additional games, such as Memory and Go Fish.

Additional Resources

Before you play this game, you can use the following resources to learn more about animals.

Have you played this game? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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