The Sassafras Twins share 8 ideas to dress up like a villain this Halloween

8 ideas to dress up like a villain this HalloweenWe like to dress up for Halloween – some years our costumes are super cool, some years not so much.

One year, I (Tracey) wanted to dress up as a princess, but my parents insisted that I dress up in our mom’s old handmade flower costume. Um . . . yeah, Blaine made a lot of fun of me that year, but I got my revenge when he had to dress up in dad’s old handmade felt frog costume the year after!!

Ahh . . . the memories!

Nowadays you can buy the costume of your dreams, but our parents still insist that we make our own. And we figured that a few of yours did the same, so today we are going to share with you a few ideas for how you can dress up like one of the villains from series this Halloween!

Now, you could dress up like us and we would be flattered (all you have to do is wear khaki shorts, sneakers, and a blue shirt for Blaine, pink for Tracey), but if you want to be a bit scary this Halloween, these eight Sassafras Science villain ideas are better!

8 Ideas to dress up like a Sassafras Science villain this Halloween

Rona the Baker

Do you remember Rona the Baker from our botany leg? She is a thief who we ran into during our time at Dockerty castle.

You will need:

  • a pillow
  • a belt or string
  • an old brown dress
  • a white apron
  • flour
  • a rolling pin

To dress up like Rona, strap a pillow to your front to plump yourself up a bit. Then put on a simple brown dress and cover it with a white apron. Dust yourself with a bit of flower and grab your rolling pin to complete the costume.

Tank and Billy

If you want to dress up with a sibling, Tank and Billy are a great option. These two pranksters livened up our time at Smitty Farms during our zoology leg.

You will need:

  • 2 flannel shirts
  • 2 sets of overalls
  • 2 sets of work boots
  • 2 baseball caps
  • dirt

To dress up like Tank and Billy, put on a flannel shirt, overalls, work boots, and top it off with a backward baseball cap. Then, rub dirt all over you until you reach the desired effects.


Do you remember Dr. Veeginburger’s and his illegal supplements from our anatomy leg? Itsy was the doctor’s henchman and proof, or lack thereof, of the effectiveness of his supplements.

You will need:

  • a suit of muscles, unless you have your own!
  • a tracksuit
  • a sweatband
  • running shoes

To dress up like Itsy, put on the suit of muscles and top it off with the tracksuit. Put the sweatband on your head and strap on your running shoes.


Forget dressing up like Captain Jack Sparrow – you can dress up like Rama, the pirate king from our botany leg!

You will need:

  • a pirate suit
  • a gold tooth cap and a black tooth caps (or a few of each)
  • a strip of gold material

To dress up like Rama, put on the pirate suit and tie the strip of gold material on top of your head. Then, put in the gold and black tooth caps on random teeth in your mouth.

Kingman Narwarak

Dr. Apple, Nart, and the two of us brought this Thai kidnapper to justice during our anatomy leg.

You will need:

  • a nice black suit
  • black dress shoes
  • several fake gold chains and rings

To dress up like Kingman Narwarak, put on the nice black suit and the dress shoes. Then, bling it up with all the fake gold chains and rings. If you want, you can add some gold-rimmed sunglasses, too!


This scoundrel leader of a group of bandits known as the Kekeway accosted us in the middle of a desert, twice – once during our zoology leg and once during our anatomy leg.

You will need:

  • loose black pants and a shirt
  • a length of red fabric to tie around your waist
  • a large fake sword (or scimitar)
  • black face paint

To dress up like Itja, put on the black pants and shirt. Smear the black face paint lightly around your face. Then, tie the length of red fabric around your waist and grab your scimitar.

Yuroslav Bogdanovich

The evil, rogue scientist who invented the Aggrandizer. We had encounters with him during both our botany and earth science legs.

You will need:

  • a wig of crazy red hair
  • a scientist coat
  • a large water gun (the super soaker kind)
  • Converse All-star shoes

To dress up like Yuroslav, put on the scientist coat over your regular clothes, scrunch it up and make it look a bit disheveled. Then, strap on your All-star shoes, add your wig of crazy red hair, and grab your super soaker Aggrandizer!

The Man With No Eyebrows

The Man With No Eyebrows is the quintessential villain from our series! If you want to dress up like him, we recommend dressing up as the Dark Cape version of him.

You will need:

  • a black shirt, pants, and shoes
  • a large black cape
  • a flesh-colored makeup pen

To dress up like the MWNE, put on your black shirt, pants, and shoes. Then, use the flesh-colored makeup pen to color over your eyebrows to erase them :-)! Add your large black cape and you are ready to go!

Wrapping it Up

Well, there you have it 8 ideas to dress up like a Sassafras Science villain this Halloween! If you use one of these ideas, share it on Instagram and tag us (@sassafrassci) so that we can see your creations, too!!

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