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Read what Cathy Duffy has to say about our programs:

This approach of guided learning from real books along with creation of the Logbook or a lapbook offers an interesting way to learn science that allows you to teach all of your children in the elementary grades together. – Read Cathy’s full review

Here is what our customers have to say about our books:

A+ review

My children begged for science and more science today. They are having so much fun traveling the world with Blaine and Tracey in their zoological adventures. My oldest is sneaking the book under the covers at night to get a head start on the rest of us. – Mia

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sassafras Science. We are only on Ch. 3 of Volume 1 and she’s having me read the part about the giraffe licking Tracy over and over and she cracks up every time I read it!– Jennipher

I bought the sassafras twins zoology lap booking guide (and novel) as a supplement to our decent science curriculum. (1st grade). We’ve all but eliminated our “core” science and are now just so enjoying the twins adventures instead. I have to admit that I was all choked up reading the end of the dessert chapter. There was some challenging moral stuff (in an inspiring way) as Mesneh was challenged to rise up! (Thinking of Mel Gibson in brave heart?!) anyway we can hardly put the book down long enough to make the lap books and the extra activities. (We do them because my daughter loves them too!!) even my 3 yo walks around covering his eyebrows and saying in a sinister voice “I’m the man with no eyebrows!” In short: A+ from our family!! – Sarah

Despite the fact that we finished our science reading for the week, AND despite having a “day off” bc it was his younger brother’s birthday. My 1st grader STILL asked if we could do science today! He really enjoys the Sassafras Science Adventures and though we’re only on Chapter 7 of book 1 he’s already asked about what other books were in the series and if we can read those too! – Coniqua

We just started Sassafras vol 1 as a pick for read aloud, not exactly for a science lesson. Kids are hooked by chapter 2! You’re doing for science what Mary Pope Osborne did for history in her Magic Tree House books! My only regret is not reading these sooner to my kids.  I wish Wild Kratts from pbs would give Tracey and Blaine a guest spot. As I read I made lots of correlations. Well done. – Adrienne

I love the readers and the characters. It is just very exciting. – Salena

As an educator, I LOVE the Sassafras Science series!!! I use it for reading, writing, and vocabulary- as well as for the science info- and wish there were even more volumes!!! – Renee

We are using Sassafras science in our homeschool and it has been a great addition that I think other homeschool moms could also readily utilize.– Coleen

We enjoy the Sassafras books! – Theresia

We love Blaine and Tracy! – Heather

My kids have enjoyed learning with the Sassafras twins. We are excited to read the books and learn what the kids are learning along with them. Keep them coming! – Christianne

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