The Sassafras Science Coloring Pages and Experiment Kits

Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages to go with the Sassafras Science Adventures series!Let your youngest one join in on the journey their siblings take with the Sassafras Twins!

These sets of coloring pages have two types of coloring sheets.

  1. The artwork sheets – These are coloring pages with a simple, outline-sketch of each of the illustrations in the novel.
  2. The topical sheets – These are simple, blackline images of the topics in the novel, plus a key fact sentence for the students to learn about the topic.

Both of these types of coloring pages allow your youngest student to feel as if they are making their own notebook.

The coloring pages can also be used as a review for students who enjoy coloring!

Click on the link to check out coloring pages for each volume:

Experiment Kits

The Sassafras Science Experiment Kits

Do you agonize over hunting for experiment supplies for each week?

Then, let us do the hard work for you!

Each our experiment kits provide the hard to find and difficult to get materials you need for the experiments found in the Sassafras Science series.

Now you can spend your time actually doing the experiments instead of looking for the supplies!

(Note – These kits are compatible with both the activity guides and the lapbooking guides.)

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