Give a last minute Valentine with Sassafras Science {FREE Printables}

Did you forget that today was Valentine's Day? Don't worry - we have got you covered! These five free printable Valentines will help you share the love with your siblings including a Sassy-Sci twist. 5 Printable Sassafras Science Valentine's Day Cards Download all five Sassafras Science Valentine's Day Cards! You can click the link above to see all five cards right away, but we thought … [Read more...]

Once you learn to read . . . freedom {Reading Quote Collection No. 1}

"Once you learn to read, you will forever be free." Frederick Douglass was an African-American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman. He was best known for being a former slave who became an advisor to the presidents. More Reading Quotes To Enjoy We love to share reading quotes as we find them inspirational and encouraging. We hope you enjoy these quotes as much as we … [Read more...]

15 Valentines Science activities you are sure to love

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so Blaine and I wanted to share fifteen super-fun Valentine's science activities you can try out to celebrate the holiday. We promise that these will give you the googly eyes! 15 Valentines Science activities you are sure to love We are going to share our favorite Valentine's science activity with you first and then, we'll let a few of our … [Read more...]

How {not} to explode a volcano at home

Was your last volcano at home explosion more of a slow glub-glub than an exciting reaction? You are not alone! Our Sassy-Sci friends, who are super eager for volume 5, tried to make a volcano explode a home over the holiday break. And let's just say - it didn't go as planned. Here is their story and a bit of help to help you avoid the dreaded micro-ooze!! The Volcano at Home Micro-explosion … [Read more...]

The Top 10 All-time Favorite Reads at Sassafras Science

Can you guys believe that Blaine and I have been bringing you all science fun for almost four years now? When our publishers decide to share our incredible journey of summer science fun we had no idea of the adventure that was waiting for us! And a big part of that has been the privilege to connect with you all as we share expert tips and super fun activities! As we wrap up the fun for 2016, we … [Read more...]

Want to enjoy learning about animals? {FREE Zoology Game}

So, you know that Blaine and I are all about having fun as you learning about science. And this free zoology game definitely fits the bill!! Our Zoology Game You can use this as you read through the first leg of our journey or you can use this game to just play and learn about animals. Either way, you'll love playing this free zoology game! Zoology Bingo Supplies 2 to 4 Players, ages 5 and … [Read more...]