How to Successfully use Living Books with Multiple Ages

Tracey and I are the same age, but we know that most of our readers are not. In fact, loads of you have emailed us asking how you can use living books with multiple ages. As so today, we have asked Paige, our resident living books expert, to come back once again and share about how to successfully use living books with lots of differently aged kids. So join me in giving a collective virtual … [Read more...]

The Animal Kingdom {A Linc-dog Presentation}

Ahh, the animal kingdom. If you haven't yet finished volume one, you don't know that at the end of each journey, the Prez recaps what we learned before we start the next leg. Even so, today, Blaine and I asked President Lincoln to come and share with you the presentation he made for us after the zoology leg of our journey. He almost said no. It turns out he had used the original tape to … [Read more...]

Why Choose Notebooking over Worksheets?

Worksheets... worksheets... worksheets... They killed our love of learning science. We much prefer notebooking and we are super glad that the Sassafras team agrees. Even so, we have friends who love to fill out worksheet after worksheet. So today, we have asked Paige to come back and explain why the Sassafras team has included notebooking instead of worksheets in the Sassafras Science … [Read more...]

Three Reasons Not to Use the Sassafras Science Books

I have been following this blog since the beginning. I follow everything that involves my nemesis, Cecil Sassafras. I fear that you are getting the wrong impression. And, I cannot let you be deceived by that silly, eccentric man. You see, he started out wanting to inspire his niece and nephew to love science. Unfortunately, despite my efforts to date, it seems to be working. While this is … [Read more...]

How to Make a Rocket at Home

Hello and welcome students to the Sassafras Science lab! I'm Cecil Sassafras, your host for this little excursion. Blaine and Tracey asked me to share a little activity with you guys. So today, we are going to go through how to make a rocket at home. First, you will need lots of wire, several metal sheets ... excuse me for one moment, my lab assistant President Lincoln is waving some sort of … [Read more...]

Living Books for Science

Living books are killer tools for teaching science! They can bring the subject matter to life and add interest to what you are learning. Like we have said before, living it is way cooler, but we know that most of y'all don’t have invisible zip lines coming out of your uncle’s basement. So, we recommend reading living books to learn about science instead! Today we have asked one of our … [Read more...]