Let’s head out of this world and learn about the solar system

So, our astronomy leg is currently in production, but as you know we have already experienced it. Let's just say - it was a blast! And without spoiling the adventure, we wanted to bring one of our local experts from our astronomical adventure to share a bit with you all. You know her. You love her. And you have probably already guessed it's Summer Beach! And here she is . . … [Read more...]

Out on a Limb Guesthouse Minecraft Tour

Blaine and I love to build things in Minecraft and it is a blast to relive some of our favorite SCIDAT locales by building them. And today, we want to take you on a tour of one of our very first Sassafras Science Minecraft creations. We built this Minecraft replica of the Out on a Limb Guesthouse over a few weeks, so don’t be discouraged if yours doesn’t appear overnight! Here we … [Read more...]

Enjoy learning about rocks as you play the FREE geology game – Rock Slides and Arrows

What's better than attending a Floating Tomatoes concert at the Right-Handed Pelican? Playing a free geology game to learn about rocks or at least to review what you have learned about rocks! Blaine and I love to play Rock Slides and Arrows. It's part trivia, part board game, and all fun. And now, through the magic of the Internet, we get to share one of our favorite pastimes with you! Rock … [Read more...]