What? Brown cows don’t provide chocolate milk?

Sigh, brown cows do not equal chocolate milk – something we knew before our zip-line travels began. But Edbert’s antics did keep us laughing while on our zoology leg!

It’s moments like these and more that made our summer-long, science-learning journey a blast!

Here are a few more quotes from our journey for you to enjoy.

Sassafras Quotes Collection No. 1

“Well, I don’t see any brown cows. So I guess we won’t be getting any chocolate milk today!” – The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 1: Zoologybrown cows

It’s a good thing that Edbert wasn’t our local zoological expert in Canada!

“Umm, this old thing? It’s just an old backpack that I found that somebody threw out as trash.” – The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 2: Anatomy
this old thing

An old, discarded backpack was the key to us learning about bones in Ethiopia – you never know what you will find!

“And now that you two wonder-twins have successfully complete anatomy and zoology, we will move next to the photosyntastic subject of botany!” – The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 3: Botanyand now that

Pirates, flying jungle leaps, deadly plants, and many more adventures awaited us on our botany leg!

And in case you’re wondering here’s the definition of photosyntastic:

Photosyntastic (adj.) – light-filled, energizing

“No, it’s much worse!” Dr. Sylvia Thunderstone shouted. “That’s the tornado siren!” – The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 4: Earth Scienceno its worse

None of the adventures on our previous legs had prepared us for what we faced in Oklahoma!

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Read these quotes in context as you enjoy our fun-filled, science-packed journey around the globe! Check out the following posts to see what our novels are about!

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