About Us

Hi-ya, we are Blaine and Tracey Sassafras and although we do most of the talking around here, we are not actually real. I know – it’s shocking!

We are fictional characters loosely based on the oldest child of each of our authors. But that doesn’t make what we do here at Sassafras Science any less awesome!

We make science fun!

That’s right, we throw those ideas that science is boring out the window and give you the tools you need to make science interesting and exciting in your home.

How do we do that?

Glad you asked – we bring you all along on our crazy summer-long, science-filled, zip-lining journey through the world. One in which we met cool local experts who share about the science we encounter along the way.

Sound good? Oh, you need more . . . here you go.

Meet Our Authors

As we previously said, we are fictional characters, which means that someone had to dream us up and bring us into reality. In our case that was actually a few someones!

We have two amazing authors here at Sassafras Science whose names appear on the novels, Johnny Congo and Paige Hudson. But we would be remiss if we did not mention their spouses, Shannon and Brad, who do tons behind the scenes to make this series a reality.

With that, come meet our “official” authors!

Johnny Congo (a.k.a. The Fiction Master)

Author: Johnny CongoJohnny Congo, the oldest of 6 children, was born in 1977 in Tulsa, Oklahoma to a carpenter and his wife. He graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University in 2000 with a degree in Recreation (yes, that is a real degree).

Johnny loves working with the poor, needy, and at risk. He worked at John 3:16 Mission in Tulsa from 2002-2006 as the Children’s Director. He now lives in Asia with his amazing wife and two rascally boys (They have added a set of their own twins since we wrote this!) where they spend much of their time in rural villages.

Congo has been writing stories since childhood. He believes that the language of story speaks clearest to the human soul. His first published work is: “The Sassafras Science Adventures” which he co-authored with Paige Hudson. His writing plans for the future mainly include children’s and youth fiction.

Paige Hudson (a.k.a. The Science Whiz)

Author: Paige HudsonHi, I’m Paige Hudson and I write books and curricula to help you achieve your science education goals for your students.

I first discovered my love of science during a high school chemistry course, which led to a major in Biochemistry at Virginia Tech – Go Hokies! Several years after graduation, I began writing science curriculum. At first, it was just for our own child to use, but with a little vision and a lot of elbow grease, one curriculum has grown into a full company, Elemental Science.

My passion is to see all students enjoy and excel in their pursuit of sciences. It is the reason I have co-authored the science-themed novel series for children, The Sassafras Science Adventures. It is the reason I co-wrote a road-map of science education, Success in Science, for teachers. It is also the reason I have written over twenty teacher guides and student materials for homeschoolers.

These days, I write from my home in the Appalachian Mountains (Actually, they live in Florida nowadays.). In my spare time, I love to read, cook, and hike with my husband and two children.

The {Real} Story Of How The Sassafras Series Began

You can read the fictional story of how our story began on our homepage. But in reality, the story of the origins of the Sassafras Science series goes like this:

It began with a dream…

The Sassafras Science series began as a desire to make science fun and exciting. A dream to inspire students early on to love science!

We wanted to wrap scientific fact into a storyline that students couldn’t put down. One in which they would get so caught up in the adventure that learning science became the most exciting part of their day.

And then, one night at dinner…

When Paige, Brad, Johnny, and Shannon met one night for dinner, Johnny got to talking about how he had a dream of writing adventure books and Paige shared about her dream to write a living book for science.

The four of them brainstormed and the idea for the Sassafras Science series was born!!

Learn more about the novels of the Sassafras Science Series.

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